Why is GAIN Motorcycles world's best electric mobility solution? 


Thanks to our fleet management system, you'll know where your vehicles are, allowing to carry out a real-time tracking, and obtain a performance report of each vehicle


We can obtain battery and engine data thanks to our vehicle communication system, allowing us to control them remotely no matter where you are in the world.


The information given by our vehicle communication system, allows us to warn the client to optimize the driving style regarding electric usage. We also detect any kind of anomaly that can arise on any vehicle. This anticipation to possible errors ensures a total riding availability.


Each vehicle is composed of a set of environmental sensors that collect a wide range of data about the air quality, drawing heat maps of the surronding area in which you are riding.

Where we come from?

It all began back in 2014, when we started designing a motorcycle for a university project. What it started as a hobby back then, today we can tell it is a reality, and the future of smart connected mobility.

GAIN Motorcycles is a revolutionary data driven connected electric motorcycle company.

We have crafted the motorcycle of the future. With GAIN, you can ride up to 250km on a single charge.

On top of that, we provide the most insightful data through an app, so that you can manage the way you ride it, control the air quality of your surroundings during each trip, and track the ride itself.

Whether you are a passionate motorcycle fan that makes the most of every turn, a delivery company that requires a live tracking fleet management system of all its riders', or a town's local police, GAIN Motorcyles is the smartest choice to optimize the performance and efficiency of every ride.

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Which is our current situation?

We are designing our first functional-validated prototype and looking for private or public financial or investment.

Where we are?

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